Mission, Vision, Core Values

Our Mission: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

At FBCC, our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This means that we are intent on the fulfilling the Great Commission as a local church. We take Jesus' command to make disciples seriously. Therefore, we strive to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with any and all that they might be baptized and taught to obey all the Jesus has commanded.

Our Vision: Glorifying God through the Gospel

As FBCC embraces disciplemaking as our mission, we do so in order to glorify God in the gospel. Through the gospel, God's great power to reconcile sinners to Himself, to themselves, and to others is both compelling and beautiful. Our vision as a church is to become a congregation that reflects the gospel's power to the world.

Our Core Value: The Gospel of Jesus Christ

At FBCC, we value the gospel of Jesus Christ supremely, because, in it, the glory of God is most clearly revealed. Hence, the gospel of Jesus Christ is our Core Value. All other values are derived from the Gospel. They are as follows:

  • Gospel-Centered Instruction - This means that from our Sunday School rooms to our pulpit, the ultimate aim of our teaching efforts is to focus on the life-changing news about Jesus Christ.
  • Gospel-Saturated Worship - This means that from the music that we select to the way that we observe the Lord's Supper, the ultimate purpose is to be continually overwhelmed by the truth of the Gospel.
  • Gospel-Transformed Relationships - This means that the ultimate foundation for fellowship among members of the church is not personal preference, but the transforming work that God has done in us through the gospel. Instead of seeing a skin color or an economic status, we see trophies of God's grace from every walk of life and background.
  • Gospel-Empowered Ministry - This means that all of our ministry efforts are ultimately empowered and dependent upon the truth and power of the Gospel to sustain us and bring about obedience and joy in our life of ministry together.

Our Strategy: Believing, Sharing, and Living the Gospel

At FBCC, our strategy for fulfilling our mission and achieving of our vision is for each member of the church to personally believe the gospel, faithfully share the gospel, and compassionately live the gospel.