What to Expect

At FBCC, you will discover a group of real people dedicated to following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Here's some things you can expect from our services:

Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning is a special time of spiritual growth and fellowship for our church.

It begins with our various Sunday School groups at 9:30 am with each group learning about God and His Word together.

At 10:45 am, our Morning Worship gathering starts with heartfelt praise to our God and Savior. Our music style is intentionally blended, combining the best of newer and older songs. Above all, our desire is to glorify God in our music. After a time of singing, our pastor, Casey Hough, teaches us from God's Word. As with our music, the goal of this time of instruction is to glorify God by equipping God's people for ministry. After a brief time of reflection, the service closes with an offering to the Lord, a benediction over the people, and song of commission, which encourages the people to live out their faith as they leave the morning gathering.

Sunday Nights

Sunday Nights are dedicated to Life Group ministry and fellowship. There are multiple Life Groups in various locations available. This allows for a comfortable, informal time of fellowship and spiritual growth. Please call the church office to find out which group you would fit with best.  

As for our children, our First Kids program also meets at 6:00 pm at the church.

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Evenings consists of corporate prayer and Bible study. The Wednesday Night Service is a comprised of an in-depth adult Bible study in the Chapel, a youth Bible study in the basement, and a kids Bible study in the Way Wednesday facility. 


First Baptist Church offers a friendly and secure place to worship every Sunday, in both our SS and church services.

Our Security Team is in place and is fully staffed for both SS and church. Special security considerations are offered in our Nursery and SS areas to provide the best experience possible for children and parents. Additionally, new upgraded exterior cameras and updated electronic door locks are being installed currently.


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To Get Directions:
Click the map link above.  Click on the red marker that represents our location.  Then click on "Directions" in the upper left of the window that opens up.

Directions from El Dorado, AR

1. Get on AR-7 N/US-167 N/US-63 N from W Hillsboro St and Junction City Rd.  About 5 min (2.0 mi).
2. Merge onto AR-7 N/US-167 N/US-63 N.
Continue to follow AR-7 N.  About 30 min (30.7 mi).
3. AR-7 will turn into Adams Street.  Take Washington on your left and Washington will take you right to the church.  The church will be on the right.

Directions from Magnolia, AR

1. Turn onto US-79 N/US-82 W.
Continue to follow US-79 N. about 33.1 mi.
2. Somewhere around Wal-Mart (on the right), US-79 becomes California Ave SW.  Just keep going straight about a mile and a half past the Wal-Mart and the church will be on the right.


First Baptist offers a number of different ways we can help those with physical disabilities in an effort to make gathering together in the spirit of worship easier for everyone.  Some of these include our . . .

Handicap Parking

Parking spaces close to the main entrance and on the California St. side allow easier access to our facilities for those with mobility issues.  Our greeters are also very helpful and always ready to assist anyone.  


Our recently completed elevator provides an easier alternative to climbing stairs with access on our main floor, sanctuary floor, and lower level.