Counseling and Discipleship

Pastoral Counseling

We all face hard times when we don't know what to do.  As a Christian, we should rely on God to help us, but God also sends experienced people into our lives to help talk us through things.  

Our pastor is a very capable counselor for a variety of issues. Marriage counseling, personal counseling, spiritual counseling; whatever it is, he'd love to help you with it. And in cases where more thorough and prolonged counseling, our pastor is able to connect you with other counselors in the area.

One-on-One Discipleship

In addition to counseling, our pastor would love to get to know you and lead you in One-on-One Discipleship. Growth in the Lord is expected as a Christian and that requires a lot of help.  If he can help you, go ahead and give us a call.

If you need some counseling or discipleship in your life, please call the church office (870-836-6456) and you can schedule a time to meet with him.