You won't find a group you won't fit in with at our church, but here are some brief descriptions of the adult Sunday School classes we offer:

B.A.S.I.C. Training - This group caters to young adults.

Jeff Garrison  - This is a co-ed group made up mostly of middle agers. 

Watts/Pickett  - This is also a co-ed group made up mostly of middle agers.

Won by One - This is a senior men's group.

Lydia - This is a senior lady's group.

Sarah Patton - This is another senior lady's group.

Telephone - This is a group for people that are shut in and is led over the phone in a group call.


To find out how to get involved or what class may suit you best, please call our church office (870-836-6456) where our friendly staff will help you find a group that you will feel comfortable in while serving and learning about the Lord.