Church Membership

Church Membership

Church membership is a very important aspect of the Christian life. Whenever we are saved, we automatically become members of the universal church, but membership in a local church is important for Christian fellowship, accountability, and the corporate worship of our merciful God.

Here at FBCC, our constitution and bylaws (available here) follow the Bible's example of church membership.  We believe that in order to a be a member at FBCC, one must have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior by faith and publicly professed that faith by being biblically baptized by immersion. 

Anyone that is interested in joining First Baptist Church must complete our New Members' Class, which is called First Things. During this First Things class, prospective members will receive basic instruction regarding the beliefs, practices, mission, vision, core values, and strategy of FBCC. Upon completion of the First Things class, one may join the church by coming forward during the time of response or by speaking to the pastor in person regarding the following options of joining FBCC:

1. Salvation – One may join the church by professing their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and following Him in biblical baptism by immersion.

2. Transfer of Membership – One may join the church by transferring their letter of membership from another Southern Baptist church, so long as they are a member in good standing at the previous church and not under church discipline.

3. Statement of Faith – One may join the church by a statement of their faith in Jesus Christ and that you have been biblically baptized by immersion after salvation, so long as they are not under church discipline at their previous church.

4. Baptism – One may join the church by statement of their faith in Jesus Christ from another denomination that does not practice biblical baptism by immersion after salvation. This is a statement of faith in Christ and a willingness to be biblically baptized.

After presentation to the church, candidates for membership are voted on by the church. After becoming a member, you have the opportunity to participate in various capacities in the ministry at FBCC.